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Our mission

The Center for Women’s Rights is an organization committed to ensuring the equal rights of men and women in the public and private spheres.

In all our work, we are driven by the conviction that the rights of women are an integral, inseparable part of the fundamental humans rights all should enjoy. Violence against women, regardless of whether perpetrated by an individual abuser, by a section of society, or by government, constitutes a human rights violation.

We hold that, in order to have a truly democratic culture, we cannot limit ourselves to trusting in societal innovations or be satisfied with mere formal guarantees of equal rights. We must ensure women and men with equal chances and opportunities to realize their goals and personal aspriations in the public sphere, in their professions, and in their personal lives. We strive every day to back up our ideals with sensible action. On the one hand, we offer legal and psychological counseling to women victims of violence and discrimination. On the other, we strive to impact meaningful changes to the law and its implementation. Broad educational initiatives also play an vital role in the functioning of our organization.

Working on these many fronts, we hope to create an effective system for the protection of human rights when it comes to women. Increasing awareness of the law as well as enabling women to make practical use of their rights seem to us to be essential and important elements of building such a system. The steps we take in striving for this goal include: administering legal and psychological assistance, making publications of the Women’s Rights Center - including legal guides like our series “Get to Know Your Rights” - widely available, providing an intervention helpline for victims, and organizing open meetings on the topic of women’s rights.