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The Center for Women’s Rights offers counseling and information in the following legal areas:

Civil Law (mainly dealing with family law and custody) -

Legal advice on issues of divorce, legal separation, spousal support, wills and estates, and other family law matters

Criminal Law

Advice and counseling on issues of criminal law and crimes arising from domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Employment Law

Advice and counseling on leaves of absence for maternity, sexual discrimination, harassment, sexual assault in the workplace and wrongful termination.


How to obtain information and counseling:

Visit our office in Warsaw on ul. Wilcza 60/19

Make an appointment by phone: (0-22) 622 25 17

Contact us by e-mail:


Our Partnership with a Private Law Firm

Since 1999, the Center for Women’s Rights has worked with lawyer Dorota Kupper to provide legal counseling at the Center (which you can sign up for by calling us) as well as directly at her offices. Ms. Kupper has represented many of our clients in their dealings with the court system. Her law office is on ul. Wspolna in Warsaw, and she handles cases in every court. She specializes in civil and family law cases (including divorce, spousal support, child custody, child visitation rights, wills and estates, housing, etc.)

Contact her office directly:

Telephone: +48 606 647 070