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Battered Womens' Shelter

The Center for Women’s Rights runs a specialized support shelter for victims of domestic violence. This shelter has grown and evolved since 2008 to better meet the needs of the women who stay there. The address of the shelter is kept confidential for the security of the occupants and their children. The fundamental goal of the shelter is to provide living quarters for women who have had to flee their homes in the face of threatened or committed acts of violence. Our shelter provides individualized support in the form of psychological counseling and therapy. That support takes place mainly through psychological consultations and short-term therapy programs. We also provide group education and group therapy sessions. Group therapy provides emotional support by allowing all members of the group to strengthen and encourage each other by sharing their individual experiences as survivors of domestic violence.

Our shelter also offers a wide range of services geared towards improving the underlying conditions of the lives of the women who stay with us. Our counselors and other workers strive to provide education on social issues, family matters, and career development. Furthermore, we provide critical intervention in situations where the shortcomings of other institutions have led to injustices or unfair outcomes. We also strive to provide those staying at the shelter with assistance in dealing with other agencies, courts, and services they need to get their lives back on track in the wake of a domestic violence experience.

Women staying at the shelter can take advantage of legal counseling provided by the main Center for Women’s Rights offices. Our lawyers offer help during a stay in the shelter by providing counseling on family law matters, resolution of spousal support, divorce, and criminal law cases. The shelter is financed through government sources designated by the City of Warsaw. It has been renovated and outfitted to house around thirty mothers with their children. Our group of team members is comprised of two first-contact professionals, a social worker, a child psychologist, a psychologist for victim care, an attorney, group therapy counselors, and attorneys from the main Center for Women’s Rights offices.



The shelter’s director is Magdalena Pietrowska. Her cell phone number is 606 256 790. She can also be reached at the Center for Women’s Rights office on ul. Wilcza 60/19 each Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.