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Financial limitations and the fear of a life in poverty are two key reasons why women trapped in abusive relationships often feel that they cannot escape. Women often sacrifice their own well-being for their children's sake, fearing that change could threaten their quality of life. In reality, this often means that both mothers and children suffer. In cases of domestic abuse, children brought up in an atmosphere of violence often suffer permanent emotional trauma, sowing the seeds which can lead to a cycle of abuse.

Thanks to the essential cooperation and financial support from the Kronenberg Foundation of the bank Citi Handlowy, in 2011 the Center of Women’s Rights began designing an educational and guidance proprietary program aimed at women. The program targets victims of violence and women  from socially marginalized groups;

The primary goal of the program is to foster knowledge, improve competences and develop the skills of women and girls in personal finance, especially focusing on credit management, mortgages, budgeting and long-term financial planning.

The aim is that girls and women who take part in our program increase their chance for financial independence. With greater confidence, beneficiaries of the program will have the knowledge and skills available to support autonomous decisions – to leave abusive relationships and lead independent and healthy lives. In this way, they can hope to build a better future for themselves and their children.

During the Second Edition of the Program, lasting until August 2013, there were meetings with bailiffs alongside the educational workshops. You can find more about building financial independence of women on the special website of CWR – Finances:

Translated by Ewelina Szeratics

Edited by Rob Anderson