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Wealth and Beauty Center

The Project “Wealth and Beauty Center” is made possible through the Small Grants Fund Program PL14, "Prevention of domestic and gender-based violence," operated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The project is being carried out on the premises of CPK at ul. Piękna 66a.

The aim of the project is to create a place and a comprehensive support program for women experiencing various forms of discrimination based in gender, particularly domestic and family violence. At the Center women will participate in individual consultations and group workshops designed to help them recover inner strength and fortify consciousness, develop assertiveness and self-presentation, as well as management and financial planning skills, and the ability to effectively negotiate the labor market. The Wealth and Beauty Center is also a place for self-help activities, self-study, and a space for meeting successful women, including the actual participants in Bank Services and Commodity Exchanges.

The activities carried out under the project are addressed to

1) adult women, adults at risk of violence and discrimination based on gender (physical, psychological, sexual, and economic), and those who have experienced violence or discrimination in the past and  have not recovered fully, regardless of age, education, social status, or income;

2) women from other countries (and their children) living in Warsaw, experiencing various forms of violence from their partners, as well as discrimination and /or violence from co-workers, employers, representatives of institutions, etc.;

3) Polish women and their children, living in Warsaw, experiencing bullying, harassment, sexual assault, stalking, discrimination in access to health information and services, social welfare, access and treatment in the field of education, including their children, and to gainful employment;

4) women with families prone to experience the effects of violence and alcohol abuse in the family, the consequence of psychological problems, lower standard of living, social and financial problems, or educational difficulties arising from inadequate parenting skills;

5) children, both victims and witnesses of domestic and family violence. Typically, children of women experiencing domestic violence develop emotional and mental disorders, posttraumatic stress disorders, who often become victims of physical and psychological maltreatment, as well as sexual abuse.


The project includes the following range of activities: 1. legal advice, 2. psychological counseling, 3 social support, 4. employment skills, 5. creation of the Business Incubator and Work Agency for women coming out of discrimination and violence, 6. workshops and financial counseling, 7. group meetings for children, 8. group meetings for the mothers, 9. facilitation of the women’s Bank for the Exchange of Services and Commodities.